Weekly Review Roundup, week 27

Let me start this review roundup with my favorite review this week, The Prophet Blog has produced some well-informed writing concerning Neon Bunny‘s album debut, Seoulight: Introducing… Neon Bunny Another review that caught me by surprise, dug up by Korean rock is real this past week, is one of the music video for 그렇고 그런… Continue reading

Review Roundup week 25-26

Some of the reviews that showed up during the last couple of weeks: First up, let me express my happiness that Chris Park of wakesidevision has come across the third full length album from ZzzAaM:잠 (Zzzaam) – 거울놀이 Review. ZzzAaM was a somewhat experimental electronic/rock band that put out three full length albums from 2000-2004,… Continue reading

Review Roundup, week 15-22

After I finally got around to roundup some random links last week, now that it’s Monday here’s a set of reviews posted during that same period of time: Chris Park of wakesidevision has continued to discover good music through Bandcamp:ECHOED is an act describing itself using the tags “hip hop”, “indie”, “instrumental”, “jazz” and “rock”… Continue reading

Weekly Review Roundup, week 13

Continuing his series of Delispice reviews, refresh_daemon has now shared his thoughts on their 4th and 5th albums:– Replay: Deli Spice – D– Replay: Deli Spice – Espresso Also recently reviewed by refresh_daemon is the second full length album from Nastyona: Inbox: Nastyona – Another Secret During the week that just passed Chris Park became… Continue reading