Weekly Review Roundup, week 24

Some reviews published during the last week or so:

이디오테잎 - 0805
Electro shoegazing band Idiotape released debut EP 0805 on July 13 last year. The title track got a music video and the songs all proved popular during the 2K11 Seoulsonic North America tour in which the band participated. Chris Park has had a listen to the release: Idiotape – 0805 Review

자우림 2집 - 연인(戀人)자우림 2.5집 - B정규작업(定規作業)소히 (Sorri) 2집 - Mingle타바코쥬스 2집 - 설레발 [예약판매]
refresh_daemon is back with a new review series, this time looking at albums from Jaurim. But of course he also found time to review a couple of albums new to his collection:
Replay: 자우림 – 戀人
Replay: 紫雨林 – B定規作業
Inbox: Sorri – Mingle
Inbox: 타바코쥬스 – 설레발

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