Review Roundup, week 15-22

After I finally got around to roundup some random links last week, now that it’s Monday here’s a set of reviews posted during that same period of time:

Chris Park of wakesidevision has continued to discover good music through Bandcamp:
E C H O E D - ECHOEDE C H O E D - ONE무당벌레 밴드 - 언제나
ECHOED is an act describing itself using the tags “hip hop”, “indie”, “instrumental”, “jazz” and “rock” which makes for an intriguing mix. Several releases are available for free download, including Echoed and One:
ECHOED – Self-Titled Review
ECHOED – One Review

The first full length album from male rock trio Ladybug Band got a digital release on September 29 last year. The title was 언제나 and it was followed by a second album just three months later. Since then it seems the band has only released material via Bandcamp. Chris Park gave that first album a listen: 무당벌레 밴드 (Ladybug Band) – 언제나 (Always)

Other more or less recent discoveries from Chris Park include the following:
Neonethy - Memento
The music producer for KBS Cool FM show Lee Hyun Woo’s Album, Gom PD, brought a bunch of friends to make the album 곰PD와 절묘한 친구들, released Mars 18. The tracklist shows an impressive list of friends participating, including EZ Hyoung (듣고있니), Lim Ju Yeon (부질없는 이야기), Yang Yang (그대는 나의 비타민 같아), Windy City‘s Kim Banjang (Sweeta Love), as well as members from Vodka Rain (끝나지 않은…), Ukulele Picnic (그리움의 파도), and Serengeti (봄 날, 버스 안에서): 곰PD – 곰PD와 절묘한 친구들 Review

DJ Nene started out as a DJ in Tokyo some five years ago and has since been working in both London and Italy. December 10, 2010, she released her first album, Memento, in the motherland as Neonethy: Neonethy – Memento Review

데미안 더 밴드 (Demian The Band) - Your God Forgot엘루이즈 (Eloise) - Video 1 Model BHee Young (희영) - So Sudden
전국 비둘기 연합 (National Pigeon Unity) 2집 - Root야광토끼 1집 - Seoulight사비나앤드론즈 - Gayo
스프링쿨러 (Sprinkler) 1집 - Dreamer트램폴린 1집 - Trampauline더 핀 (The Finnn) 1집 - Beatles Over Zeppelin웨스 에이치큐 (Wes H.Q.) - Dim The Light
Demian the Band – Your God Forgot Review
엘루이즈 (Eloise) – Video 1 Review
Group ABoAB – Model B./A Tribute to BoA Review
Hee Young – So Sudden Review
미미 시스터즈 (Mimi Sisters) – 미안하지만… 이건 전설이 될 거야 Review
National Pigeon Unity – Root Review
야광토끼 (Neon Bunny) – Seoulight Review
사비나 앤 드론즈 (Savina & Drones) – Gayo Review
Sprinkler – Dreamer Review
The Finnn – Beatles Over Zeppelin Review
Trampauline – Self-Titled Review
Wes H.Q – Dim The Light Review

센티멘탈 시너리 (Sentimental Scenery) 1집 - Soundscape
And the last review from wakesidevision’s Chris Park this time, and album where he found magic that also ended up on a May music list from mellowyel of Mixtapes and Liner Notes:
Sentimental Scenery – Soundscape Review
Midweek Music List – What I’ve Been Listening This Spring

델리스파이스 6집 - bombom
Moving on to Init_Music, where refresh_daemon decided to extend his suite of Delispice reviews to include the sixth full length album, my own favorite: Replay: Deli Spice – Bombom

롤러코스터(Rollercoaster) 2집 - 일상다반사(日常茶飯事)롤러코스터(Rollercoaster) 3집 - Absolute롤러코스터(Rollercoaster) 4집 - Sunsick롤러코스터(Rollercoaster) 5집 - Triangle
And with that taken care of a new review series with Roller Coaster followed:
Replay: Roller Coaster – 日常茶飯事
Replay: Roller Coaster – Absolute
Replay: Roller Coaster – Sunsick
Replay: Roller Coaster – Triangle

More reviews from the same source:
2K11 Seoulsonic North America Tour아폴로 18캐스커 5집 - Tender
DJ Soulscape - 창작과 비트 Vol.1 - Patterns For Words국카스텐 (Guckkasten)- GuckkastenThey 2009 (Live)
오소영 - 다정한 위로W & Whale - Hardboiled더블유 (W) - Where The Story Ends / 웨일 (Whale) 1.5집 - Random Tasks
Inbox: 2K11 Seoulsonic North America Tour
Inbox: Apollo 18 – Apollo 18 [Red+]
Inbox: Casker – Tender
Inbox: 창작과 비트, Volume 1: Patterns for Words
Inbox: Guckkasten – Guckkasten
Inbox: Master Plan X Happy Robot -> MPMG – Live They 2009
Inbox: 오소영 – ‘다정한 위로’
Replay: W&Whale – Hardboiled
Replay: W&Whale – Random Tasks

노브레인 6집 - HIGH TENSION강산에 - Kiss
Kamala-Chan has reviewed recent releases from a couple of her Korean rock favorites for YAM Magazine:
No Brain – High Tension
San-Eh Kang – Kiss

박지만 '그 사람에게' - 김소월 프로젝트
What bothers me personally the most about my occasional periods of low activity is the super interesting releases I don’t find out about until after they already sold out. One such release is 박지만 ‘그 사람에게’ – 김소월 프로젝트, a project in honor of poet Kim So Wol released in June last year, among others featuring Casker vocalist Yoong Jin, My Aunt Mary vocalist Thomas Cook (눈물이 쉬루르 흘러납니다), Joe Won Sun, Jung Jaeil, and Hareem. Judging from this review at Soompi it was indeed a very interesting album: [Album Review] Park Ji Man – Kim So Wol Project

Last but not least, a couple of months ago a friend of mine shared his thoughts around the Oh Ji Eun song from the Soonjung Manhwa OST: 이게 바로 사랑일까? – Is This Love?

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