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In order to keep you entertained over the weekend, here is a collection of interviews and other reading material of interest:

After something of a hiatus 10asia have resumed its indie 10 series. This time with indie rock band Achime:
[INTERVIEW] Indie band achime – Part 1
[INTERVIEW] Indie band achime – Part 2

Another new indie music interview series has been launched by The Korea Herald. Thanks to Paul Kerry I was alerted to its second part, among other things explaining the name of Broccoli, you too? that contrary to popular belief apparently does not come from “Et tu, Brute?”: Broccoli, You Too toys with unconventionality

Korean rock is real has a joint Neon Bunny and Mongoose interview from paran translated to English by wassereis: The possibility of ‘indie-like idols’ or ‘idol-like indie’… Meeting Mongoose and Neon Bunny

No interview, but found via Korean rock is real is a list of bands recommended by Annie Around the World: Punk ROK. There is Nachopupa, The Southbay, Skasucks, Rux, and Suck Stuff.

Broke In Korea #12Plenty of interviews more are available in the latest issue of Broke in Korea. Among other things there is an interview with Bamseom Pirates, a bit on Cal Bones, an introduction to all-girl punk band Nonstop Body, a tour diary from Hellking, a Dokkaebi Assault interview, an interview with Christfuck, and a long article on Stephen Epstein – the man behind documentary Our Nation: A Korean Punk Rock Community. There is also Jon Twitch’s list of “Top Ten Korean Albums” alongside the “Top Ten Most Offensive Korean Band Names”, and on top of that reviews of releases from Find The Spot, Hellking, The Swindlers, and …Whatever That Means. One of the articles concerning a popular venue has also been posted on Korea Gig Guide: Dooriban Reaches Settlement

홍대 라이브클럽 지도 Ver. 20110626
For the location of Dooriban as well as the location of just about every other live venue in Hongdae, there is the Hongdae Live Club Map. Thanks to Hiram I came across a version updated as recently as last Sunday: Updated Hongdae live club map

The music video for Taru‘s 여기서 끝내자 (the duet version with Zitten) has garnered some interest from the two biggest kpop sites:
– soompi: Taru Reveals MV for “Let’s End This Here”
– allkpop: Indie artist Taru releases music video for title track, “Done Here”!

Shutter Island: Music from the Motion Picture
Dealing with the video art of Nam June Paik rather than directly with his experimental music, but still highly recommended: Original Creators: Nam June Paik. I didn’t realize till just now myself, but Nam June Paik’s Hommage à John Cage was featured on the soundtrack for Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island from last year.

And last but not least, thanks to London Korean Links I was made aware of this Korea Times article that while focused on Kpop also touches on the music covered on IROK: Culture ministry will launch K-pop academy:

[The K-pop academy] will reinvigorate the indie music scenes based on their activities at the Muse Live, the small hall newly opened at the Olympic Hall and indie clubs around Hongik University.

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