Review roundup, week 28-29

After a week’s planned hiatus I’m back! I have yet to begin the process of catching up properly, but below is what I’ve found of reviews in my feed reader since last time. As for my own doings while gone, the Indieful ROK Facebook page has a photo.

야광토끼 1집 - Seoulight
During my previous review roundup I was happy to have come across the blog Impossible Black Tulip, and as it turns out the blogger in question was already a reader of this blog (thank you!) and could pick up a recommendation of his own from that very post: ♥ 내가 좋아하는 음악 Music I Like: 야광토끼 Neon Bunny ♥

Any other readers with a blog, please feel free to share your links in the comments! I’m more than happy to read (though I’m really bad at commenting…) even if you don’t write about music at all.

자우림 7집 - Ruby Sapphire Diamond체리 필터 2집 - Made in Korea?체리 필터 3집 - Third Eye럼블피쉬 (Rumble Fish) 2집 - Have A Nice Dream
refresh_daemon has now concluded his Jaurim review series and started a new, this time having another listen to the albums from Cherry Filter. He also found the time to review an album from Rumble Fish, back when the name was still used for a band:
Replay: Jaurim – Ruby Sapphire Diamond
Replay: Cherry Filter – made in korea?
Replay: Cherry Filter – The Third Eye
Inbox: Rumble Fish – Have a Nice Dream

코스모스 사운드 - 스무살프로작 (Prozak) – Abysmal Utopia시와무지개 (SiwaRainbow) 2집 - 우리 모두는 혼자 Yellow Monsters (옐로우 몬스터즈) 2집 – RIOT!잠 (Zzzaam) 2집 – Requiem #1
And of course wakesidevision too offers its fair share of new reviews:
코스모스 사운드 (Cosmos Sound) – 스무살 (Twenty) Review
프로작 (Prozak) – Abysmal Utopia Review
SiwaRainbow – 우리 모두는 혼자 (We are all alone) Review
Yellow Monsters (옐로우 몬스터즈) – RIOT! Review
잠 (Zzzaam) – Requiem #1 Review

Last but not least, Bump This offers a few impressions on W&Whale song Break It Down:

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