Review Roundup week 25-26

Some of the reviews that showed up during the last couple of weeks:

잠 (Zzzaam) 3집 - 거울놀이
First up, let me express my happiness that Chris Park of wakesidevision has come across the third full length album from ZzzAaM:잠 (Zzzaam) – 거울놀이 Review. ZzzAaM was a somewhat experimental electronic/rock band that put out three full length albums from 2000-2004, all very much recommended. Bossa nova singer Sorri was the leader, and for the last album the drummer was Do Jae Myung, who later became a member of Loro’s.

엘 (Aile) - 1집 Emotion블루라라 - 메모리 (Memory) 디어 클라우드 (Dear Cloud) 3집 - Bright Lights 피기비츠 (Pigibit5) - Cherryboy Revolution (뱃지증정)
More from wakesidevision:
엘 (Aile) – Emotion Review
Blue Laura – Memory Review
디어 클라우드 (Dear Cloud) – Bright Lights Review
피기비츠 (Pigibits) – Cherryboy Revolution Review

줄리아 하트 (Julia Hart) - BSunkyeol EP
And some from Init_Music:
Replay: Jaurim – The Wonderland
Replay: Jaurim – 4
Inbox: Julia Hart – B
Inbox: Sunkyeol – EP

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