Weekly Review Roundup, week 13

델리스파이스 4집 - D델리스파이스 5집 - EspressoNastyona - Another Secret
Continuing his series of Delispice reviews, refresh_daemon has now shared his thoughts on their 4th and 5th albums:
Replay: Deli Spice – D
Replay: Deli Spice – Espresso

Also recently reviewed by refresh_daemon is the second full length album from Nastyona: Inbox: Nastyona – Another Secret

니케아 (Nickea) - Girl On The Bridge박준혁 2집 - Human Life
During the week that just passed Chris Park became excited over two recent releases:
니케아 (Nickea) – Girl on the Bridge Review
박준혁 (Park Joon Hyuk) – Human Life Review

숄티켓 1집 - I Ain't Be Controlled락캐츠 - 벤자민
via Korean Rock is Real I came across this review of all girl punk band Shorty Cat‘s album debut: Shorty Cat – I Ain’t Be Controlled (2007)

A not quite as enthusiastic review as the ones above was offered by Kamala-Chan over at YAM Magazine: Rockcatz – Benjamin

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