Weekly Review Roundup, week 27

야광토끼 1집 - Seoulight
Let me start this review roundup with my favorite review this week, The Prophet Blog has produced some well-informed writing concerning Neon Bunny‘s album debut, Seoulight: Introducing… Neon Bunny

Another review that caught me by surprise, dug up by Korean rock is real this past week, is one of the music video for 그렇고 그런 사이 by Chang Kiha & The Faces: 리뷰 Review: “그렇고 그런 사이” ~ 장기하와 얼굴들 “By the middle of anything” ~ Jang Gi-ha and the Faces (UPDATED)

Of course the usual reviewers have both published their fair share of recommendable reviews over the last week:

자우림 5집 - All You Need Is Love자우림 6집 - Ashes To AshesGalaxy Express 1집 - Noise On Fire정상훈 - Asphalt Music
refresh_daemon continued his Jaurim review series with the band’s 5th and 6th albums. He also offered some cautionary words regarding one of my favorites among last year’s offerings:
Replay: 紫雨林 – All You Need Is Love
Replay: Jaurim – Ashes to Ashes
Inbox: 정상훈 – Asphalt Fantasy
Inbox: Galaxy Express – Noise on Fire

허클베리 핀 (Huckleberry Finn) 5집 - 까만 타이거Peterpan Complex - Transistor칵스 (The Koxx) 1집 - ACCESS OK
Chris Park of wakesidevision.com has been listening both to new and old music:
Huckleberry Finn – 까만 타이거 (Black Tiger) Review
피터팬 컴플렉스 (Peterpan Complex) – Transistor
칵스 (The Koxx) – Access OK Review

칵스 (The Koxx) 1집 - ACCESS OK타루 (Taru) 2집 - 100 Percent Reality
The first full length album from The KOXX has also gotten a review from hellokpop, a Kpop news site I stumbled upon the other week. Just in time, as it turns out. Last week the site also shared a review of the second full length album from Taru:
Album Review: The Koxx – Access OK
Album Review: Taru – 100 Percent Reality

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