Interview with ARTLOVER

Thanks for letting me interview you! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My pleasure, thank you for the opportunity! My name is ARTLOVER and I’m a female rapper from South Korea. I’m quite new to the scene and my debut single “Want U back” has just been released!

ARTLOVER in pink

Seeing as the Korean indie scene has a complicated relationship to the term, what were your thoughts behind labeling your music as K-pop?

I think K-pop is a great way of bringing Korea out to the world so I don’t really have a problem with that label. Also, if people label my music K-pop that’s fine because it sounds wildly different from anything else in that genre at the moment so from that perspective it’s easy for me to stand out from the crowd.

There aren’t many K-pop artists hailing from the UK besides Shannon Williams and Seo Herin, so how do you feel representing your country in this industry?

I feel great about it, I’m very proud of my Korean roots and I use traditional elements in my music creation all the time. Being in London also helps me because it’s a multicultural city and I can include many different inspirations for all over the world.

As a rapper, who are your main influences?

Eminem and G-Dragon, I like listening to and watching their performances.

In your interview with Eat This Music, you said you would sing cover songs when coming home from work. Which songs would you typically cover?

  • Madonna – “Borderline”
  • Sia – “Elastic heart”
  • Sam Smith – “I’m not the only one”
  • Amy Winehouse – “Valerie”
  • Adele – “When we were young”

ARTLOVER in white

You also mentioned a music video would be released for your debut song Want U Back. What has the filming process been like?

We shot it in the Swedish countryside and used retro clothes and elements. I did creative direction etc and we managed to finish it up in a few days. It was a challenge at first to act in front of the camera but after a couple of hours I was like a fish in the water.

For the song itself, you went for a retro feeling. What other styles of music you would like to try?

I would like to try strong punk style, like people from Camden Town in London but with a classic 80’s twist.

What can you tell us about your upcoming EP?

It will follow in the same vein as this first single but with some slight variations musically, influences from Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Soul. I’ve written most of it with Swedish writer/producer Max Billion who wrote “Rocksteady” by Mike Perry and “Boots” by DIMA. I’ve also involved Tae-Seop Lee (Twice and Day6) from JYP.

Are there any artists or producers in particular you would like to work with?

If he was still alive Micheal Jackson would be the ultimate collab. I like the style of producer Park Jin-Young or Benny Blanco.

Where do you see yourself touring in the near future?

I would be amazing to tour anywhere but I think I will start with the UK, followed by Korea and at some point the US.


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