2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival’s Five Hidden Masters Announced

After first being narrowed down from 40 to 20, the acts that get to play this year’s Ssamzie Sound Festival as hidden masters were announced today. The lucky five are  rock band ECE, singer-songwriter Hyangni, electro rock bands Litter and WHOwho and  go-go beat makers Rock’N’Roll Radio. This year’s edition of Ssamzie Sound Festival is the 14th and… Continue reading

2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival Auditions : Post-Rock & Shoegaze Edition

Following our look into the punk and hardcore bands that have auditioned to become one of the 2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival’s Hidden Masters, we move on to a very different kind of rock relying on building atmospheric soundscapes rather than brevity and punch. Netizens can vote on their favorites until Wednesday September 12th, so sign… Continue reading