Weekly Review Roundup, week 23

After finally catching up last week the review roundups are back on a weekly schedule. Here are a couple of reviews that caught my attention last week:

THeThE(더더) - 못믿을 사람
On June 7 modern rock band The The returned with a one track digital single called 못믿을 사람. It is the band’s first release since 2009 눈물이 흐르다 EP album and again the band, that introduced the Korean music scene to the voices of Park Hye Kyung and Han Hee Jung, has had a change of vocalists from Myung In Hee, who moved on to Nadia a couple of years ago, to Lee Hye Joo. Check out the music video here. Bump This offers some impressions: First Listen: TheTheBand (더더밴드) – Unfaithful Men (monmideul saram) (못믿을 사람)

옥상달빛 1집 - 28타바코쥬스 1집 - 쓰레기는 어디로 갈까요
As usual both wakesidevision and Init_Music have something new to offer as well, this time having listened to the first full length albums from Dalmoon and Tobacco Juice respectively:
옥상달빛 (Dalmoon) – 28 Review
Inbox: 타바코쥬스 – 쓰레기는 어디로 갈까요?

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