Mini-Interview with Night Riding

I already went over how much I like Night Riding when listing my 2017 top finds. I’ve wanted to reach out for an interview since the release of his second single in August, but somehow the timing was never right. With his fist full-length album 꿈의도시 (Dream City) released on February 14th, a month earlier than I’d expected, I figured it was time to give it a shot. Night Riding was quick to respond with clear answers for all questions.

Album cover for Night Riding's Dream City

Who is Night Riding?

I am a singer-songwriter from Korea. My music is based on alternative rock. I have just released full length album Dream City after 2 single albums.

How is making music as Night Riding different from what you used to do with Steamboys?

Steam Boys was a classic rock set – guitar, bass, and drum. In Night Riding i used synth and samples to make a richer sound. But what I want to tell in my music is pretty much the same as with Steam Boys.

What do you hope that listeners will take away from Dream City?

Like its title, a dream. But don’t let a dream ruin life.

With the album released, what are you planning next?

There is an album release show coming 10th of March.

The album release show will take place at Kuchu Camp with folk singer Kang Taegu making an appearance as guest artist. If that’s not soon enough, you may also see Night Riding play an acoustic set at rogue camp on February 24th as part of the currently ongoing Nucleus exhibition.

If you understand Korean, head over to Genie for a longer interview to learn more about Night Riding. 꿈의도시 (Dream City) is available now from both Korean and international digital distributors with the CD release expected for the end of the month. It does not disappoint.

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