Previously Unavailable Downloads Now Available via Maansun

On December 5th a new online store for Korean independent digital contents opened: Maansun.

At the moment the online store, which accepts PayPal and Korean credit cards, carries a well-curated selection of music from Bulssazo, Wedance,, Underwears Band, Jowall, Kuang Program, and Choi Taehyun. None of the releases currently on offer are available from the more popular Korean online music retailers.

Weekly Review Roundup, week 40

Hip hop duo Leessang‘s seventh full length album has proved very popular over the last couple of months. Earcandy Express has given the album a thorough review, paying attention the respective tracks featuring 10cm‘s Kwon Jung Yeol, Windy City, Kang San-eh, an Guckkasten: LeeSsang AsuRa BalBalTa refresh_daemon has just finished his Nell review series…Replay: Nell… Continue reading

Hyang Music Album Chart week 34

With September steady in place Hyang Music has compiled the sales chart for the last week of August: Hyang Chart – 4th week of August, 20111. Goonamguayeoridingstella – 우정모텔2. The Black Skirts – Don’t You Worry Baby (I’m Only Swimming)3. Hawaaii – 티켓 두 장 주세요4. Jaurim – 陰謀論 (음모론)5. Leessang – AsuRa BalBaTa6. Trampauline… Continue reading

Weekly Review Roundup, week 37

A quick roundup of some reviews I’ve spotted recently: A couple of reviews at Init_Music:– Replay: Plastic People – Folk, Ya!– Replay: 투명물고리 – Through The Glass Wall(I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either myself) A couple of reviews at wakesidevision:– J. Rabbit – It’s Spring Review– Linus’ Blanket – Show Me Love Review A couple… Continue reading

Weekly Review Roundup, week 36

Some reviews from last week: Offered by refresh_daemon at Init_Music:– Replay: MOT – 이상한 계절– Inbox: Rumble Fish – Open the Safe– Replay: 고양이 이야기 Offered by Chris Park at wakesidevision:– 이씬 (Esssin) – Esssin 1st Review– (자우림) Jaurim – Conspiracy Review– 피터팬 컴플렉스 (Peterpan Complex) – Radiostar Review– Romantic Punch – It’s Yummy Review–… Continue reading