KMA2018: 15th Korean Music Awards Winners

Today, February 28th, the winners of the 15th Korean Music Awards were announced.

Album of the Year: Kang Taegu – bleu
Song of the Year: Hyukoh – “Tomboy”
Artist of the Year: BTS
Rookie of the Year: Se So Neon
Best Rock Album: Lowdown 30 – B
Best Rock Song: Se So Neon – “파도 (The Wave)”
Best Modern Rock Album: Hyukoh – 23
Best Modern Rock Song: Hyukoh – “Tomboy”
Best Metal & Hardcore Album: Abyss – Recrowned
Best Pop Album: IU – Palette
Best Pop Song: Red Velvet – “빨간 맛 (Red Flavor)”
Best Dance & Electronic Album: Idiotape – Dystopian
Best Dance & Electronic Song: CIFIKA – “My Ego”
Best Rap & Hip Hop Album: Viann X Khundi Panda – 재건축 (Reconstruction)
Best Rap & Hip Hop Song: Woo Won Jae feat. LOCO & GRAY – “시차 (We Are)”
Best R&B & Soul Album: Hippy was Gipsy – 나무 (Tree)
Best R&B & Soul Song: Rico – “Paradise”
Best Folk Album: Kang Taegu – bleu
Best Folk Song: Kang Taegu – “그랑블루 (bleu)”
Best Jazz Album: Lee Jiyeun Contemporary Jazz Orchestra – Feather, Dream Drop
Best Crossover Album: Han Seung Seok & Jung Jaeil – 끝내 바다에 (and there, the sea at last)
Best Jazz & Crossover Performance: Hogyu Hwang Quartet – Straight, No Chaser

The full list of nominees was announced beginning of February.

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