Link Roundup, week 13

Unfortunately I was much too tired to get much of anything done during the last couple of days so I never got around to compiling any sort of weekend reading post. In case you happen to be looking for something of the kind now here are some texts, photos, and videos that may be of interest:

2011 들국화 리메이크 앨범 Part 1 2011 들국화 리메이크 앨범 Part 2
As mentioned previously part 1 and part 2 of an upcoming Deulgukhwa cover album have been released as digital singles. allkpop took note of it, and shared the information that the full album is scheduled for release this month and in addition to Mot, Huckleberry Finn, W&Whale, and Handsome People it will also contain covers recorded by Guckkasten, Monni, and Lee Jang Hyuk: W&Whale & Handsome People release two Camomile remakes

500 Won Project - Um Han
mrkwang provides a bit of background information on 500won – who several years ago had his music confused with a Sigur Rós/Mogwai collaboration – while announcing that his music is now available on Bandcamp: 500won project has Bandcamp page. You can purchase MP3 from there!

Club Mroot
allkpop reports that Mnet launched a show dedicated to indie music, Club Mroot, on March 30: Mnet to launch a new indie music program, “Club MRoot”. It airs Wednesdays and 10cm and Monni participated in the first program.

악숭 10주년 Rock'n Roll Big Show
The Soul of Seoul attended Last Sunday’s Rock’n Roll Big Show and snapped a bunch of photos:
Rainy Sun (레이니 썬) played at the Rock’n Roll Big Show show…
Every Single Day takes the Stage
Last But Definitely Not Least Pia.

2011 Jisan Valley Rock Festival
The first few names for this summer’s Jisan Valley Rock Festival has been announced. Apollo 18 are on the list and Korea Gig Guide offers more, including links for buying discounted tickets: Jisan Valley Rock Fest 1st Lineup.

The Creators Project continues to look into interesting Korean artists. This week they provided an introduction to electro acoustic noise artist Ryu Hankil, who apparently started out as the keyboardist of Sister’s Barbershop: Korean Sound Artist Han-Kil Ryu Makes Beautiful Noise.

Other recent items from The Creators Project (not necessarily related to music) include the following:
The Original Creators: Hyun-Ki Park
Jin-Yo Mok
Korea’s 360 Sounds Crew Broadcasts Live Hip-Hop

This is from January, but it wasn’t till this week that I via 1n2d fansubs found out that actor Uhm Tae Woong enjoys listening to Sanullim, Hot Potato, Lucid Fall, Nell, and Smacksoft: Uhm Tae-woong’s Song Picks.

Both Mate & Kim Jae Uck were among the things Seoulbeats writer Johnelle took special notice of this last week: 5 Things I LOVED in Kpop This Week. While on the subject of Kim Jae Uck, he made the news when it became clear that he’ll take on the transgender main role in musical Hedwig, a part previously held by Yoon Do Hyun: Kim Jae Wook and Kim Dong Wan to star in musical, “Hedwig”.

Number 29 on the list of top names in Korean pop 2011, The Korean included folk singer Kim Min Gi on his list of influential Kpop artists: 50 Most Influential K-Pop Artists: 31. Kim Min-Gi.

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