Korean Music Power TOP100 2011

대중음악 SOUND vol.2 2011.04
Yesterday 대중음악 SOUND published a list of the top 100 names in Korean pop for 2011. Scatterbrain has the full list in Korean and allkpop offered some of the more Kpop oriented names: Who are the Top 100 in K-pop for 2011?. Although not so much in the very top, several names in the list concerned the more alternative side of Korean music with “Hongdae music scene” as a separate entry as number 61. Find them all after the jump!

1. Lee Soo Man (SM Entertainment)
2. Park Jin Young (JYP Entertainment)
3. Yang Hyun Suk (YG Entertainment)
4. Mnet Media (Superstar K, M Countdown, MAMA, 음악전문케이블방송)
5. Seo Tai Ji (Seo Taiji & Boys)
6. MBC (Show! Music Core, Bae Chul Soo‘s Music Camp, MBC Nanjang Concert, 대학가요제, 강변가요제, 10대 가수상, 음악담당PD)
7. Shin Jung Hyun
8. Cho Yong Phil
9. Melon (LOEN Entertainment, SKT)
10. EBS Space 공감

12. Steven Kim (Jisan Valley Rock Festival, Nine Entertainment)
13. Kim Chang Wan (Sanullim)
15. Lee Jong Hyun (Grand Mind Festival, MintFesta, Masterplan)
16. Korean Music Awards
20. Yoo Hee Yeol 유희열(Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook)

21. Park Joon Heum (Gaseum Network, 한국 대중음악 100대 명반, 대중음악SOUND)
24. Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival
27. Lee Eung Min (Pastel Music)
30. Go Geonhyeok 고건혁(boonga Boonga Record)

32. Chang Kiha (Chang Kiha & The Faces)
35. Bugs (Neowiz)
38. Lee Kyu Young (Rubysalon Record)
39. Shin Won Soo (LOEN Entertainnment)

42. Kim Geon Hil (Hyang Music)

53. KT&G SangSang Madang

61. Hongdae music scene (indie labels, live clubs, venues)
62. Kim Chan (Fluxus Music)
63. The Korea Creative Content Agency
67. Youn Sun Nah

72. Shin Hae Chul
74. Lee Seok Won (Sister’s Barbershop)
77. Lee Chang Hee (Mirrorball Music)
79. Ssamzie Sound Festival

82. Moonlight Nymph (Lee Jin Won)
83. Broccoli, you too?
84. Yoon Sang
85. Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
88. Yoon Do Hyun
90. Crying Nut

98. Lee Bong Soo (Beatball Record)
100. Lucid Fall (Jo Yoon Suk)

Please let me know if I missed anyone that should’ve been listed above!

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