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애쉬그레 & 윤도현 - 미련도 사랑이다윤도현 - Harmony
I had not planned on mentioning these last couple of releases with Yoon Do Hyun (there’s a lot more fun releases I still haven’t had the time to post on), but upon learning that he will take on the role as Hedwig in musical Hedwig and The Angry Inch just now I figured this would be a good occasion anyway in case anyone’s interested.

September 11, Yoon Do Hyun released a digital single together with Ash Grey called 미련도 사랑이다. Judging from Soribada it’s a fairly nice rock ballad-y song. And September 24, Yoon Do Hyun released a mini album called Harmony – Present for 날아라 펭귄. That’s about it.

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