W&Whale & Handsome People cover Deulgukhwa

2011 들국화 리메이크 앨범 Part 2
As expected W&Whale have recorded a Deulgukhwa cover of 사랑한후에 for 2011 들국화 리메이크 앨범 Part 2. The digital single was released today, March 31, and also included a cover of 세계로 가는 기차 from fellow Fluxus act Handsome People.

Part 1 was released February 22 and featured Mot and Huckleberry Finn. While on the subject, here’s an intriguing remix based around Mot’s 매일 그대와 cover: MOT x EUNCHURN – EVERYDAY WITH YOU _mvio by HANSANGHYUK 2011 2012 A/W collection.

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