Jjam Bbong and Hwang Shin Hae Band

Before I move on to some news, while still on the subject of videos over at Dahee’s Plastic Castle the YouTube Clip Of The Week: 11/04/03 was a most recommended performance from Hwang Shine Hae Band of their legendary spicy noodle song 짬뽕. The song was very popular when it first came out, and it was even released as a single in Japan back in 1998. It got a bit of a revival in 2004 when Jung Dabin sang it in a karaoke scene in movie He Was Cool (그 놈은 멋있었다) – check it out in this movie excerpt, starting around 2:17.

Hwang Shin Hae Band has been close to Beatball Records for a long time and recently participated in a concert with Beatball bands. Check out Gim Hyung Tae talking about it in this video. Whether this means we’ll see more from Hwang Shin Hae Band on Beatball, either in the shape of re-releases or new recordings, I have yet to find out.

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