Mini-Interview with Rux

Some time ago it was announced that Rux would make a return. The legendary punk band went on a hiatus as leader and vocalist Won Jong Hee relocated to Australia, but in just a few days the band is set to hold a comeback show in Hongdae. Curious as to what the band is up to I approached Jong Hee with a set of questions for which he offered a few quick answers:



How would you like to introduce Rux?

Rux is a punkrock band from Seoul, Korea.


After so many years on the scene, what are your proudest achievements so far?

That we spread our thoughts and feelings through the band. That’s the biggest achievement and our reason. To exist and resist.


What do you plan on showing the audience on Sunday?

That’s a secret. you can always come out and check.


What is next for Rux?

Next is our gig on 10th. and next, the afterparty!



The comeback show takes place at Rolling Hall on Sunday and should be more than worth the time & money if you’re in the country. And if for some reason you’re not all that excited about Rux, emotional hardcore band Hollow Jan with their post-rock and screamo mix (responsible for one of my all-time favorite albums) too are set to make a comeback at the same show. Click the flyer below for more info!


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