Nakion offers eccentric electronica

나키온 (Nakion) - Leisurist
Now here’s something very interesting for those of you looking for some fun electronic music out of the ordinary: Nakion‘s 2 CD album Leisurist, limited to 500 copies, was released on March 26. According to the album info, Nakion offers “an eccentric array of electronic music, influences raging from early industrial, post punk, synth pop to contemporary dance music.” Also: “Using whatever means available from vintages synthesizers, turntables, pots and pans to movie foley, Nakion flirts with techniques avoiding to replicate current electronic music while still maintaing pop sensibility.”

There’s a generous amount of samples at Hyang Music, and Nakion’s MySpace offers a couple of samples not on the album as well. As the album info would have it, there’s really an array of various electronic styles – I’ve already gotten a couple of favorites in Now Noise and Distoria with their 80s synth/italo influences and can hardly wait to get my hands on the rest of the album.

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