KMA2017: 14th Korean Music Awards Winners

Today, February 28th, the winners of the 14th Korean Music Awards were announced. EBS Space 공감 had a livestream for the event and a 2h special of the awards ceremony will be broadcast midnight between March 13-14.


Album of the Year: Jo Dong Jin나무가 되어 (As A Tree)
Song of the Year: Bolbbalgan4 – “우주를 줄게 (Red Planet)
Artist of the Year: Jay Park
Rookie of the Year: Silica Gel

Best Metal & Hardcore Album: Remnants of the FallenShadow Walk

Best Rock Album: ABTBAttraction Between Two Bodies
Best Rock Song: Jun Bum Sun And The Yangbans – “아래로부터의 혁명 (Revolution)

Best Modern Rock Album: Wings of the ISANG의식의흐름 (Stream of Consciousness)
Best Modern Rock Song: 9 and the Numbers – “엘리스의 섬(Song for Tuvalu)

Best Folk Album: Lee Minhwee빌린 입 (Borrowed Tongue)
Best Folk Song: – “신의 놀이 (Playing God)

Best Pop Album: Jo Dong Jin – 나무가 되어 (As A Tree)
Best Pop Song: Wonder Girls – “Why So Lonely

Best Dance & Electronic Album: Kiraramoves
Best Dance & Electronic Song: Hitchhiker – “텐달라 ($10)

Best Rap & Hip Hop Album: HwajiZissou
Best Rap & Hip Hop Song: BewhY – “Forever

Best R&B & Soul Album: Jay Park – Everything You Wanted
Best R&B & Soul Song: jeebanoff – “삼선동 사거리 (Sungbuk-gu Kids)

Best Jazz Album: Choi Sung Ho Singularity바람 불면 (When The Wind Blows)
Best Crossover Album: 2nd Moon판소리 춘향가
Best Jazz & Crossover Performance: Black StringMask Dance

Committee’s Choice: 젠트리피케이션 (Gentrification); Yoon Min Seok
Achievement Award: Kim Hong Tak

The full list of nominees was announced beginning of February.

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