Link roundup, weeks 12-13

Some links gathered during the past couple of weeks: Over at fine music blog Running with Chopsticks, Melissa provides an introduction to 500won – the guy that had his demo songs re-tagged “Sigur Ros with Mogwai” many years ago: Korean music: 500Won Allkpop reports that actress Yoo In Na has made a photo shoot together… Continue reading

Review roundup, end of March

A final collection of reviews before moving on to a new month! refresh_daemon has posted another review on an Oh Ji Eun album, accompanied by a fine selection of videos. This time it’s her second: Inbox: 오지은 – 지은 Another couple of second full length albums recently reviewed by refresh_daemon are those of EZ Hyoung… Continue reading

Review roundup, week 11

Another week has seen another round of reviews published online. As usual Chris Park offers a fair bunch of new reviews via wakesidevision:– 차이나 몽키 브레인 (China Monkey Brain) – Monkey Garden Review– Daydream – A Land of April Review– 해이 (Hey) – Vegetable Love Review– Loveholic – Invisible Things Review– Mellow Year – The… Continue reading

Another few reviews

More interesting reviews have found their way online since the other day. refresh_daemon has picked up the Jelly Boy release I named as one of my favorites of 2007: Inbox: 해파리소년 – They Dream Daydream Everyday And over at wakesidevision two recent additions address Korean music:– 뷰티풀 데이즈 (Beautiful Days) – 2집 – 집시들의 시간… Continue reading

Review roundup, week 7-10

Lots of interesting reviews have been posted over the last month or so. I’ve probably missed plenty, but here’s a collection of what I found in my feed reader. The Silent Ballet has once again listened to some Korean music. In a recent review of Apollo 18‘s Blue album, the Red and Violet EPs get… Continue reading