Link roundup, July 26

Realizing I will never have the time to do something useful with all those Korean indie music related posts I’ve starred in Google Reader over the last few months, here’s a selection of links from the past couple of days:

Malaysia based entertainment site Voize has provided its audience with an introduction to The Koxx: Meet the Koxx. In case you have yet to check out the electro/rock band yourself, it just so happens that they have 5 out of 6 songs from their first mini album available on MySpace.

Over at Violet Sweets, wassereis has started a new post series called “infocorner” where I’m sure there’ll be plenty of interesting things to learn on selected artists. First up is 10cm: [Infocorner] 10cm.

프렌지 (Frenzy) - Nein SongsSweet Guerillaz - Follow The Rainbow
Chris Park still reviews plenty of good music over at wakesidevision, most recently sharing his thoughts on awesome fuzzy rock act Frenzy‘s recent album debut and the older ditto from pop punk band Sweet Guerillaz:
프렌지 (Frenzy) – Nein Songs Review
Sweet Guerillaz – Follow the Rainbow Review

Pentaport 2010
This year’s Pentaport Rock Festival was held last weekend and Mark Russell wrote a bit on it for his Korea Gig Guide: Pentaport Rundown. On doing so, he also linked to another account of the event over at Footman’s Frothings: Festival Frolics, pt 1.

Reminding us that although Pentaport is over for this year, much is still left of Korea’s festival season Mintpaper dropped the first names for this year’s Grand Mint Festival: GMF2010 1차 라인업 발표.

In related news it seems like this year’s theme song will be Daybreak‘s 팝콘, remixed (as usual) by DJ Lozik of Apls. Joa Band‘s 북극곰아, used in the balance our eARTh, too appears to have been selected.

2 Comments Link roundup, July 26

  1. wizwidz

    Anna, thanks a lot. Since there might be a chance that you are going to visit Seoul around September or October, let’s go to GMF! XD I know you might have a grudge about this festival last year but it will be fun to go there with you too :) *wink*

  2. helikoppter

    If Tearliner plays and it doesn’t collide with other plans, then I guess I could give GMF another chance ^^ Would love to got there with you in that case!


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