More on Vidulgi OoyoO/ split

비둘기 우유 (Vidulgi Ooyoo) & Bliss.City.East - Bliss City East 그리고 Vidulgi Ooyoo
Like me a couple of weeks ago, the people over at Milk Milk Lemonade have had a listen to the new Vidulgi OoyoO split album: Bliss City East / Vidulgi OoyoO: Split Album Release.

Not only do they write about it, but they also offer a download of Mermaid Queen. And today I noticed that the album in question is available for streaming from with a free download of Mosquito Incognito. Both recommended should you be looking for some nice shoegaze to accompany you this weekend.

Check back for more Vidulgi OoyoO on the blog tomorrow!

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