Link roundup, weeks 12-13

Some links gathered during the past couple of weeks:

500 Won Project - Um Han
Over at fine music blog Running with Chopsticks, Melissa provides an introduction to 500won – the guy that had his demo songs re-tagged “Sigur Ros with Mogwai” many years ago: Korean music: 500Won

허밍 어반 스테레오(Humming Urban Stereo) - Easy Come, Easy Go
Allkpop reports that actress Yoo In Na has made a photo shoot together with Humming Urban Stereo‘s Lee Jeereen Yoo In Na promises to work with Humming Urban Stereo. Mentioned in there is “new album” Easy Come, Easy Go, that turns out to be a digital single released March 16. The title track as well as the single’s other song, 봄날의 사케, both feature Sugar Flow.

Chris in South Korea included pictures and a few lines of text on Bard and Deafening Street in his St. Patrick’s Day account: Destination: St. Patrick’s Day Festival (2010)

And while already linked by Janet on this blog, I like‘s encounter with singer/songwriter Siwa enough to link it again: 시와 / Siwa

딜라이트 1집 - Hedgehog's Dilemma이지형 - 봄의 기적 (소품집)한희정 - 끈
Julia Hart (줄리아 하트) 4집 - Hot Music루네 (Lune) 1집 - Absinthe플레이걸 (Play Girl) 1집 - 플레이걸의 24時언니네 이발관 5집 - 가장 보통의 존재
Janet appears to have been most busy this weekend as she’s also found the time to share her thoughts on a bunch of CDs over at make-shift cartology:
Delight vol.1 – Hedgehog’s Dilemma
EZ Hyung vol. 3 – The miracle of spring
Han Hee Jeong single album – String
Julia Hart vol.4 – Hot Music
Lune vol.1 – Absinthe
Playgirl vol.1 – 24 Hours of the Playgirl
Sister’s Barbershop vol.5 – Most Ordinary Existance

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