Review roundup, week 11

Another week has seen another round of reviews published online.

차이나 몽키 브레인(China Monkey Brain) - Monkey GardenDaydream - A land of April해이 (Hey) – Vegetable Love
Loveholics 2집 - Invisible Things멜로우이어 (Mellowyear) 1집 - The VanePsychedelic Sun – 더러운 욕망
As usual Chris Park offers a fair bunch of new reviews via wakesidevision:
차이나 몽키 브레인 (China Monkey Brain) – Monkey Garden Review
Daydream – A Land of April Review
해이 (Hey) – Vegetable Love Review
Loveholic – Invisible Things Review
Mellow Year – The Vane Review
Psychedelic Sun – 더러운 욕망 Review

클래지콰이 1집 - Instant Pig루네 (Lune) 1집 - Absinthe
refresh_daemon of Init_Music too has shared his thoughts on some albums:
Replay: Clazziquai – Instant Pig
Inbox: Lune – Absinthe

Sentimental Scenery - Harp Song + Sentimentalism
And Janet has posted a new review over at make-shift cartology:
Sentimental Scenery vol.1 – Harp Song + Sentimentalism

Bloody Cookie - 無毒花
Recently Gom Pictures has seen a revival with old material re-posted. While primarily focused on movies, one of these posts is a review of one of my all time favorite EPs: Bloody Cookie – 無毒花 (Nonpoisonous Flower).

For more on awesome female rock trio Bloody Cookie, that go by Storyseller nowadays, you could read what I wrote after making my first ever interview: A meeting with Bloody Cookie.

5 Comments Review roundup, week 11

  1. helikoppter

    I love that album too! Definitely one of my favorites from last year. I think she’s got another album in the making right now, so hopefully there’ll be even more wonderful music from Lune available soon ^^

  2. janet

    That’s great news! The quality of her work is really excellent. I didn’t expect anything less, anyone associated with Huck Finn has to be awesome.


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