Another few reviews

More interesting reviews have found their way online since the other day.

해파리 소년 2집 - They dream daydream everyday
refresh_daemon has picked up the Jelly Boy release I named as one of my favorites of 2007: Inbox: 해파리소년 – They Dream Daydream Everyday

뷰티풀 데이즈 (Beautiful Days) 2집 - 집시들의 시간원 펀치(One Punch) - 아직 나는 꿈을 꿔
And over at wakesidevision two recent additions address Korean music:
뷰티풀 데이즈 (Beautiful Days) – 2집 – 집시들의 시간 (Time of the Gypsies) Review
One Punch – 아직 나는 꿈을 꿔 Review

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