7th Korean Music Awards winners

KMA 2010 (한국대중음악상)
The winners of the seventh Korean Music Awards were announced during an event today, March 30. More updates on this are likely to follow, but for now – via Newsen – here’s the full list:

Album of the Year: Seoul Electric Band 《Life Is Strange》
Song of the Year: Girls’ Generation 〈Gee〉《Gee》
Musician of the Year: Seoul Electric Band 《Life Is Strange》
Rookie of the Year: Guckkasten 《Guckkasten》, Apollo 18 《The Blue Album》

Rock album: Seoul Electric Band 《Life Is Strange》
Rock song: Guckkasten 〈거울〉《Guckkasten》
Modern rock album: The Black Skirts 《201》
Modern rock song: Broccoli, you too? 〈보편적인 노래〉《보편적인 노래》
Pop album; Lee Sora 《7th》
Pop song: Lee Sora 〈Track 8〉《7th》
Dance & Electronic album: Brown Eyed Girls 《Sound-G》
Dance & Electronic song: Brown Eyed Girls 〈Abracadabra〉《Sound-G》
Rap & Hip Hop album: Drunken Tiger 《Feel gHood Muzik: The 8th Wonder》
Rap & Hip Hop song: San E 〈Rap Genius〉《Collage 2 (VA)》
R&B Soul album: Ra.D 《Real Collabo》
R&B Soul song: Jung Yup 〈You Are My Lady〉《Thinking Back On Me》
Jazz album: Youngjoo Song 《Love Never Fails》
Crossover album: Park Joo Won 《집시의 시간]》
Jazz & Crossover performance: Check Kim & Jaeil Jung 《The Methodologies》
Film & TV Music: Byeongwoo Lee 《Mother (마더)》

Netizen’s Choice, male artist: Jung Yup
Netizen’s Choice, female artist: Baek Ji Young
Netizen’s Choice, group: Girls’ Generation

Committee’s Choice: Sim Seong Rak
Special merit price: Jo Dongjin

4 Comments 7th Korean Music Awards winners

  1. janet

    whoo! guckkasten!
    I have to agree, ‘Gee’ was song of the year. Everybody was trying to learn that dance~’너무 짜릿짜릿 몸이 떨려 Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee~젖은 눈빛 Oh Yeah 좋은 향기 Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah!’

  2. helikoppter

    Apollo 18 <3

    I’ve actually failed to hear Gee until now… I had thought 좋아해줘 would take home that category :)

    Also failed to notice that Jung Jaeil had recorded something new. I used to really like his 눈물 꽃 – the song with the same name in particular.

  3. janet

    I ignored Gee in the first month or so, but after the dance ver. came out, I was hooked. :]

    I looked up 눈물 꽃, and this video was the first that came up, so I’m hoping it’s the one you mean.


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