Review roundup, end of March

A final collection of reviews before moving on to a new month!

오지은 2집 - 지은EZ Young 2집 - Spectrum스왈로우 (Swallow) 2집 - Aresco
refresh_daemon has posted another review on an Oh Ji Eun album, accompanied by a fine selection of videos. This time it’s her second: Inbox: 오지은 – 지은

Another couple of second full length albums recently reviewed by refresh_daemon are those of EZ Hyoung and Swallow:
Inbox: EZ Hyoung – Spectrum
Inbox: Swallow – Aresco

있다 (Itta) - 11
refresh_daemon has also expressed his love for the first full length album from experimental artist itta: Inbox: Itta – 11. I’m very fond of the album myself and was lucky enough to have itta answer some questions for me on the album and other things a few years back, so if you’d like to learn more I’d suggest heading over to London Korean Links. Don’t forget that itta will be coming to the US in April for a tour as one half of 10!

국카스텐 (Guckkasten)- Guckkasten해오 - Lightgoldenrodyellow (초도한정 BEANS & BERRIES 무료시음권 포함)
Chris Park, on the other hand, has taken a liking to the award winning rock band Guckkasten‘s debut album, but is less keen on the one from singer/songwriter Heo:
국카스텐 (Guckkasten) – Self-Titled Review
해오 – Lightgoldenrodyellow Review

2 Comments Review roundup, end of March

  1. placidian

    I enjoyed Heo’s album, but I was once again tricked into listening to an album of male vocal, after seeing the girl on the cover. when will I ever learn to not judge an album by its cover?

  2. helikoppter

    The cover had me surprised as well.

    Although I do still think considering cover art when deciding which unknown album to pick up is a good idea. Made some of my best YesAsia sale finds that way ^^


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