Lovely music from Kinzli & the kiloWatts

kinzlikilowatts_downupdownLast week I was approached by Kinzli – a London based singer/songwriter that has left Korea for love – as her band Kinzli & the kiloWatts has a new album out. Available already through iTunes and a few other outlets, the official date of release in the UK is set to September 6 and it’ll be launched in Italy as well.

I gave what I could find at MySpace a quick listen and took an immediate liking to her vocals and melodies. After having listened through the full album, Down Up Down, a bunch of times I like her music even more.

While the album is varied enough never to get boring – “Mixing folk with gypsy rhythms, jazz, operatic vocals, synth drums and ukelele dance breaks (sometimes all within one track)” says the press info – it still feels like a cohesive and well planned album. To sample the album yourself, check out some music videos ( Don’t Shoot; We Walk For Peace) or visit MySpace to hear much more. And while there, make sure not to miss Oahu. Although I can’t name a favorite track I keep returning to that warm & breezy song to hear “for you and my favourite canoe” sung just one more time. More lyrics here.

Chris Park over at wakesidevision apparently took a liking to the album as well: Kinzli & the kiloWatts – Down Up Down Review

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