Birdy Bitz Alien’s Swedish Fan?

I was just skimming through the official album info for Birdy Bitz Alien‘s Virtual Reality and I found a couple of sentences that really caught my interest: 첫 싱글 [Tomorrow]로 영국, 스웨덴등에서 이미 팬을 확보한 버디비츠에일리언!외국의 블로그들의 입소문을 타고 드디어 정규앨범[Virtual Reality] 발매! Now, I don’t understand much Korean but I believe the first sentence… Continue reading

Congratulations, Joshua!

Congratulations to Joshua! By the roll of the dice, he’s won our contest for The Invisible Fish‘s debut EP Through The Glass Wall. Thanks to everyone who participated :) Joshua suggested we have an alphabetical listing of Korean bands/artists with their bios and other relevant info. Kind of like the ‘bandfile’ at ssamnet, i imagine,… Continue reading

Nico returns with a new album

Nico is back! This all too unknown modern folk pop duo released their second album, 중곡동 연가, yesterday. The album is also available in a limited edition, which for just a little extra money will get you their four years old first album, A Boy Behind The Curtain. Samples can be found at Hyang Music.