Through KoME we learn that blues man Kim Mok-kyoung will play at Bragdøya Blues 2008. He’s played there before and the arrangers reveal that he’s been the artist that most people (ever) have requested to see again. This one day blues festival takes place June 7 on an island outside of Kristiansand, Norway. Tickets are… Continue reading

On January 22, Pastel Music will release a 5CD “special edition” compilation entitled “We Will Be Together” to celebrate their 5th anniversary. Disc 1-4 are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter editions, primarily containing songs from licensed Pastel artists. CD 5 represents the “5th season” and contains 15 previously unreleased songs from Pastel’s Korean artists. See… Continue reading

Broke In Korea #5

The fifth issue of ‘Broke In Korea’ came out a couple of weeks ago. If you’re not familiar with Broke, it’s a Korean punk ‘zine (written in English). The contributors to the ‘zine are mostly foreigners who are active in the South Korean punk scene. You’ll find a number of social and political commentaries in… Continue reading