Sagitta says “Hello Stranger”

As if I wasn’t excited enough about the return of Nico last night, the first news to reach me this morning is that mellow psych pop act Sagitta too will return with a second album in just a few days. The title is Hello Stranger and the date is May 3. They have switched labels from Beatball to Cub Music and from the samples at Hyang Music and the video for Okinawa Love Song (which is the first thing you see when entering the Sagitta site) it seems they have let most of their previous psych aura stand back for something of a Hawaiian feel, with that ukulele of theirs replacing the acoustic guitars as the most prominent instrument.
I feel sorta bad for not keeping myself better updated on them, considering how much I enjoyed their debut album, Hello World, but it has been more than three years so I hope you’ll excuse me.

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  1. indieROK

    I forget, wasn’t the guy in Sagitta also from another band?

    I dunno, I liked what they were going for in the first album, and same this time around… but, I always feel like their songs are slightly out of tune, like in the third sample at Hyang the strings sound out of tune w/the guitars… and the vocals sometimes seem slightly off too, so it makes it frustrating to listen to. Is it just me, or do other people hear this too? I had the same problem w/the first album.

  2. orienkorean

    Yeah, Lee Woo-Seong from Cocore

    I kinda hear what you’re saying. Didn’t really bother me though. Seemed a little like they were playing freely and that’s what they were going for, i think.


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