It’s been 3 years since rapper Addsp2ch came out with his Elements Combined LP. He’s back again and this time he’s teamed up with fellow bigdeal member – producer Mild Beats. M and A: Mergers and Acquisitions was released today. There are 18 tracks in this album and only (and I mean that in a… Continue reading

LO joins GMC Records

South Korea’s top hardcore label GMC Records has a new family member – LO. In this 3-piece screamo/punk/alternative band, the guitar/vocals (Ian Eu-Min Gallagher) and bass (Shin Seung Jae a.k.a Pboy) are from the melodic hardcore band Unroot. The drummer, Ryu Myung Hoon (Ryutaro), is from the screamo/hardcore band 49Morphines. They’re planning on releasing their… Continue reading

Upcoming hiphop albums

According to hiphopplaya, a couple of my most anticipated Korean hip hop albums are coming out this month: The Quiett‘s Back On The Beats Mixtape Vol. 1 (April 17th) Loptimist‘s second album Mind-Expander (April 29). A good number of underground American rappers (like K-Otix and Army of The Pharaohs, to name a couple) have made… Continue reading

Broke In Korea #5

The fifth issue of ‘Broke In Korea’ came out a couple of weeks ago. If you’re not familiar with Broke, it’s a Korean punk ‘zine (written in English). The contributors to the ‘zine are mostly foreigners who are active in the South Korean punk scene. You’ll find a number of social and political commentaries in… Continue reading