Judgement Night Vol. 1

I was scrolling down the Concert Calendar at Mark Russell’s Korea Gig Guide today and there was one concert announcement that caught me by surprise. The upcoming event i’m talking about is the one that will take place at Sangsang Madang Live Hall on May 24.

Two Korean underground labels – GMC Records [hardcore] and Big Deal Records [hip-hop] – will team up to present “Judgement Night Vol. 1”. From the GMC camp, there will be Vassline, 13Steps, Firestorm, and Knockdown. Representing Big Deal are DeadP, Deepflow, Marco, Addsp2ch, Dynamite, and Revenans (Ignito & Dazdepth).

There are going to be some interesting collaborations: Marco with Vassline; Dead’P with 13 Steps; Revenans with Knockdown; Deepflow with Firestorm. So, I guess – along with hardcore and hip-hop – rapcore is on the menu.

GMC and Big Deal will also co-release the “Judgement Night Vol. 1” compilation CD. I’m not sure when it will be released though. But, if you end up going to the show, you might get one of the 300 sampler CDs of this compilation that they’re going to give away.

Judgement Night Vol. 1 Trailer:

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