Congratulations, Joshua!

Congratulations to Joshua! By the roll of the dice, he’s won our contest for The Invisible Fish‘s debut EP Through The Glass Wall. Thanks to everyone who participated :)

Joshua suggested we have an alphabetical listing of Korean bands/artists with their bios and other relevant info. Kind of like the ‘bandfile’ at ssamnet, i imagine, but in English.

Although we probably won’t do this for every Korean band or artist we know (that would be too big of a project to take on), we might do this for the bands/artists that we do (or will) talk about here. There’s a chance we’ll create a different site to do this. And there’s a possibility we’ll get other bloggers/writers to help with that side project.

4 Comments Congratulations, Joshua!

  1. Anonymous

    The Invisible Fish … I like the album so far, thanks to helikopter’s efforts at fss.

    But I’m really enjoying Sweetsoap’s EP a lot this past few hours.

    I’ve been so out of the pop music scene in general… sticking with favorites and exploring the works of only classical music artists such as Charles Ives, Ottorino Respighi, John Adams, Gustav Mahler, Arvo Part, and Unsuk Chin. The last of these artists, I shall note, is a Korean based in Germany. I’d recommend her 2005 album “Akrostichon-Wortspiel” for some terrific contemporary classical music.

    This is “noodz”, BTW.

    Thanks to you orienkorean and to helikoppter for your continued dedication to indie ROK. :)


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