Bluedawn’s Jeong SangHoon back under own name

Tonight I found myself visiting the website of The Invisible Fish for the first time in a while, and doing so I discovered several interesting things.

정상훈 - Asphalt Music
Turns out that in December the former Bluedawn member released an album called Asphalt Music under his own name, Jeong Sanghoon. Unlike his previous self-released solo works, this 7 track release has been co-released with book publisher Munhakdongne.

Second, Yang Ik-June, director of critically acclaimed movie Breathless (똥파리) has used a hand camera to shoot a short film called Departure, which like Breathless has a soundtrack composed by Jeong Sanghoon. The short film was published on Vimeo on January 11: Short Film “Departure”, 2011.

인비져블 2: 귀신소리찾기
Recently Jeong Sanghoon also did some music director work for You Joon Suk’s 40 minute long mystery/thriller/horror movie Invisible 2: Chasing the Ghost Sound (인비져블 2: 귀신소리찾기). The short film was released on January 13. Check out a trailer for the movie on YouTube.

8 Comments Bluedawn’s Jeong SangHoon back under own name

  1. helikoppter

    Needless to say I’m gonna have to do the same.

    Also realized that 나는 갈매기/Flying Giants, that baseball documentary he was a music director for, has been out on DVD for quite a while so it seems before long I’ll be making an effort to learn more Korean and baseball both at once.

  2. meen meen

    Has anyone heard or seen a site that has any clips to listen to from the Asphalt Fantasy CD? The accompanying book that is included ( from Mr. Kwang ) seems to be a mystery to me as well. Not reading or writing Korean may hinder my internet search as well.

  3. helikoppter

    Unfortunately no clips or anything anywhere that I’ve come across.

    I know mrkwang wanted to sell the CD without the book, but even Jeong Sanghoon himself couldn’t arrange that. My copy should arrive next week or so, I’ll know more about the book then ^^

  4. meen meen

    Thanks!!! I am quite curious since I have sent an e mail to the publisher Munhakdongne and the artist as well regarding the content. Still waiting for a response.
    Hmmm, hard to sell something, when there are such scant details given. There may be something on Korean sites which I fully admit to not being able to read or understand.

  5. meen meen


    I was curious if you have received your order as of yet. Based on a crude search it appears to me that this book is more of a novel as opposed to any type of picture based book. Is this a correct assumption?



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