Apollo 18 Japan Live report

Apollo 18 have now returned to Korea from their US tour, but only after first stopping by Japan to play another couple of gigs. Ken of the fine blog Japan Live attended the Sunday show and has now provided a live report accompanied by a few photos: Apollo 18’s Tokyo Landing.

Weekly Review Roundup, week 13

Continuing his series of Delispice reviews, refresh_daemon has now shared his thoughts on their 4th and 5th albums:– Replay: Deli Spice – D– Replay: Deli Spice – Espresso Also recently reviewed by refresh_daemon is the second full length album from Nastyona: Inbox: Nastyona – Another Secret During the week that just passed Chris Park became… Continue reading

Impact FM SXSW interviews

Impact 98FM, whose SXSW Galaxy Express Interview has been previously mentioned, also performed video interviews with the other Korean bands making it to SXSW. As of yesterday all have now been posted on YouTube:– SXSW Vidulgi Ooyoo Interview– SXSW Idiotape Interview– SXSW Apollo 18 Interview The Apollo 18 one was filmed following their gig at… Continue reading