Impact FM SXSW interviews

Impact 98FM, whose SXSW Galaxy Express Interview has been previously mentioned, also performed video interviews with the other Korean bands making it to SXSW. As of yesterday all have now been posted on YouTube:
SXSW Vidulgi Ooyoo Interview
SXSW Idiotape Interview
SXSW Apollo 18 Interview

The Apollo 18 one was filmed following their gig at Hoeks Death Metal Pizza, where they made friends with Colobmbian band Head Crusher. A member of the band has since written an article on A18 in Spanish: Artículo “Apollo 18”.

As announced via Seoulsonic’s Facebook page, roughly an hour from now, 3pm CST, the Chop Suey show on (Austin, TX 91.7MHz) will air an interview with Galaxy Express, Idiotape, and Vidulgi OoyoO. Anyone not in Austin can still listen in via stream.

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