Idiotape @ SXSW and Seoulsonic NY videos

Seoulsonic (teaser poster)
MTV Iggy caught Idiotape live during SXSW and provided a review: Concert Review> Idiotape @ SXSW 2011: Korea’s Electro Rock Trio Blow It Out.

To get more of an idea about what it might be to see Idiotape or any of the other 2K11 Seoulsonic bands live yourself, the livestream from last week’s show in New York may be of use, videos from opening acts available too:
Big Phony 3/24/11
Kite Operations 3/24/11
Vidulgi Ooyoo 3/24/11
Galaxy Express 3/24/11
Idiotape 3/24/11

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