Assorted weekend reading

Seoulsonic (teaser poster)
refresh_daemon of Init_Music made it to the LA date of the Seoulsonic tour and as expected those that did not make it missed out on a face melting experience. Today he posted a highly recommended read – a live report sharing his impressions from Big Phony, Vidulgi OoyoO, Galaxy Express, and Idiotape: Seen: 2K11 Seoulsonic North America Tour, April 2, 2011 at the Roxy, Los Angeles.

엘루이즈 (Eloise) - Video 1
The upcoming EP from post-punk band Eloise released earlier this week has been getting some attention from the biggest Kpop sites. allkpop wrote about it here, but I find Soompi’s news post more informative, genre mix-up aside: Post Rock Band, Eloise Releases New EP and MV With a song like 진심을 너에게 they most definitely deserve it.

Some other kindie news recently picked up by Soompi: Jang Gi Ha and the Faces Receive Japanese Award.

Rossy Punky Perfume, or RossyPP as the occasional bossa singer goes by nowadays, has been profiled by Mardi over at Luminosity: [Profile] Rossy PP

And on the rock side I found the news of German teen trio Apollo 3 possibly remaking some Seo Taiji & Boys songs both intriguing and amusing: Seo Taiji & the Boys to Get a German Remake?. As it turned out, however, it might not happen anyway: Apollo3 has yet to receive permission to remake Seo Taiji & Boys songs

이사벨 - I Wish I Can Fly...
And just because I like Seo Tai Ji Band guitarist Top, here’s something a bit different: Popera singer Yisabel releases comeback digital single, “I Wish I Can Fly”

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