Hyang Music Album Chart week 34

Hyang Music Album Chart
With September steady in place Hyang Music has compiled the sales chart for the last week of August:

Hyang Chart – 4th week of August, 2011
1. Goonamguayeoridingstella우정모텔
2. The Black SkirtsDon’t You Worry Baby (I’m Only Swimming)
3. Hawaaii티켓 두 장 주세요
4. Jaurim陰謀論 (음모론)
5. LeessangAsuRa BalBaTa
6. TrampaulineThis Is Why We Are Falling For Each Other
7. GoGo StarBlack Comedy
8. The Miracle of Han River한강의 기적
9. Gate FlowersGate Flowers
10. Linus’ BlanketShow Me Love

The new k-indie oriented additions to the TOP100 list were the following:
17. The Theatre No.8나는 앵무새 파리넬리다! (limited edition)
36. Rux더러운 양아치
44. KayipTheory of Everything
58. Sweet RevengeRule Breaker
64. IshtarConquest
69. Hachi & Eri꽃들이 피웠네
75. Baik HyunjhinBasis of Planck Time
78. GwamaegiThis Is Not Hardcore
83. Kopchangjeongol나와 같이 춤추자
85. MudskipperMudskipper in Korea Part II
91. Siwa소요 (逍遙) (2nd edition)

See the full top 100 list here.

곱창전골 - 나와 같이 춤추자Long at last Sato Yukie‘s psychedelic rock band Kopchangjeongol returned with a new album, 나와 같이 춤추자, on August 26. Apparently the songs were recorded a few years back and written even longer ago, and the release is dedicated to the two former members that participated in the recordings but has since passed away. Learn more about the release through this Korea Gig Guide post based on an interview with Sato Yukie: Dance With Sato Yukie.

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