Weekly Review Roundup, week 38

Since it’s Monday, here’s a look at some of the reviews posted last week:

Loveholics 2집 - Invisible Things옐로우 몬스터즈 (Yellow Monsters) 1집
refresh_daemon has revisited his collection with a spot-on review of Loveholic‘s second album and he also has plenty of good things to say about the album debut of Yellow Monsters:
Replay: Loveholic – Invisible Things
Inbox: Yellow Monsters – Yellow Monsters

몽구스 (Mongoose) 4집 - Cosmic Dancer
Chris Park only has good things to say about the latest Mongoose album: 몽구스 (Mongoose) – Cosmic Dancer Review

Hellokpop has a review of the latest Verbal Jint album including a passage dedicated to the track featuring The Black Skirts: Album Review: Verbal Jint – Go Easy

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