Link Roundup: Artist introductions

It’s been a while since I last rounded up various links from around the web, but my Google Reader has been filling up with a bit too many starred items as of lately so since we’re in a way on the subject of recommendations today anyway here’s plenty of artist recommendations:

First out on the news side of things, it seems the new Milktea video was not only popular among friends of Indieful ROK as it has been gaining widespread popularity on Nate: Indie band Milk Tea reaches 1st on Nate video ranking for “Ramen King”

Alicia Buchanan of CNN Go has had a look at the 5 best indie rock bands in Hongdae deciding that they are Pink Elephant, The Pony, Seogyo Group Sound, The Black Skirts, and The Koxx.

Koreaboo offers another list of five other recommended rock acts both on the softer and harder side, introducing readers to Hlin, Ninesin, Bye Bye Sea, Schizo, and Mate: EDITORIAL: A little more K-Rock with HLIN, Ninesin, and more

A couple of weeks ago kindieland sprung to life again and did so with a post dedicated to Two Myung: Duality. It was soon followed by two posts on Chang Kiha & The Faces: Jjang Jang! & Jjang Jang – Pt. 2

Johnelle has used some space on Seoulbeats encouraging readers to get into Sweet Revenge: Why Sweet Revenge should be on your Kpop Radar
Recently Seoulbeats also started a new series spotlighting indie acts:
Kpop Indie Gem: Standing Egg
K-Indie Gem: Urban Zakapa

allkpop has found another unhyped talent: Unhyped Talent: HourmeltS

Temi of Dramapop has recently become fond of Epitone Project: [Artist Profile] Epitone Project

And finally, mellowyel provides a brief introduction to Lucite Tokki over at Mixtapes and Liner Notes: Midweek Music: Lucite Tokki, “B.I.S.H”

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