DJ Soulscape, NYC and Korean oldies

The Sound of Seoul NYC
Seems like DJ Soulscape is currently in New York and tomorrow, October 25, he’ll be playing a free set at Turntable Lab NY. More information at DJ Soulscape in NYC This Week.

In further DJ Soulscape/New York related news, Mark Russell’s recent article in The New York Times while dealing primarily with Shin Joong Hyun also contained some DJ Soulscape quotes: Korea Rediscovers Its Rock ‘N’ Roll Soul.

희자매 - 디스코 걸스: 안타 레코드 이어즈 앤쏠로지 1978 ~ 1980
Continuing on the DJ Soulscape/Korean oldies theme, Beatball Records will put out another Hee Sisters release on October 27, 디스코 걸스: 안타 레코드 이어즈 앤쏠로지 1978 ~ 1980. It’s a three disc release with CD3 holding mixes “inspired” by Hee Sisters songs. DJ Soulscape has contributed with a mix inspired by 뜬소문.

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