Weekly Review Roundup, week 39

It’s a new week, but we’ll start it with looking at some of the reviews from last week:

뮤갤 1집 - Music Gallery
Band MuGal released first full length album Music Gallery on February 14 this year. Chris P found it lacking some focus: MuGal – Music Gallery Review. Check out the music video for 이 시대의 뱀파이어 here.

Lucia(심규선) With 에피톤 프로젝트 - 자기만의 방
Lucia with Epitone Project album released a month ago has proved popular:
– wakesidevision: Lucia with Epitone Project – 자기만의 방 Review
– hellokpop: Album Review: Lucia with Epitone Project – A Room Of One’s Own

고고 스타 (Gogo Star) 2집 - Black Comedy피터팬 컴플렉스 (Peterpan Complex) 3집 – I'm a Beautiful Man ReviewSleepstalker - Aisle더 더 (The The) 7집 - How Many Times
Chris reviewed some albums more:
Go Go Star – Black Comedy Review
피터팬 컴플렉스 (Peterpan Complex) – I’m a Beautiful Man Review
Sleepstalker – Aisle Review
더더밴드 (The The Band) – How Many Times Review

Loveholic 3집 - Nice DreamNell 2집 - SpeehlessNell 3집 - Let It Rain
refresh_daemon has been very active lately. First he finished his Loveholic review series and now he’s working his way through Nell albums.
Replay: Loveholic – Nice Dream
Inbox: Loveholic – Dramatic & Cinematic
Replay: Nell – Speechless
Replay: Nell – Let It Rain

노리플라이 (No Reply) 1집 - Road
And he had a listen to No Reply‘s first album as well:
Inbox: 노리플라이 – Road

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