Weekly Review Roundup, week 40

리쌍 7집 - 아수라발발타
Hip hop duo Leessang‘s seventh full length album has proved very popular over the last couple of months. Earcandy Express has given the album a thorough review, paying attention the respective tracks featuring 10cm‘s Kwon Jung Yeol, Windy City, Kang San-eh, an Guckkasten: LeeSsang AsuRa BalBalTa

넬 4집 - Walk Through Me넬 5집 - Healing ProcessNell (넬) 6집 - Separation Anxiety
refresh_daemon has just finished his Nell review series…
Replay: Nell – Walk Through Me
Replay: Nell – Healing Process
Inbox: Nell – Separation Anxiety

김윤아 1집 - Shadow Of Your Smile김윤아 2집 - 유리가면(琉璃假面)
…and decided to follow it up with Kim Yuna‘s solo albums:
Replay: 김윤아 – 섀도우 오브 유어 스마일
Inbox: 김윤아 – 琉璃假面

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