Vote for 2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival’s Hidden Masters

The Ssamzie Sound Festival is running on its 14th year and as usual lesser known bands get a chance to audition for a spot at the festival. In August all of the bands that made the top 40 were invited to perform four songs each in a theatre, two of which would be considered entries for the continued auditions. Accounting for 30% of the result, now it’s time for netizens to have their say after watching the videos from the performances – voting opened on Monday September 3rd and closes Wednesday September 12th. Which of the bands made the top 20 will be announced on September 13th.

The bands currently in competition are:

#: 21c Peterpans
B: Becks & Josh
C: Clumsy, Cranfield
F: Fellas
G: Gravity
H: Hologram Film, Hyangni
I: Igniter
J: Junk Class
L: Last of the Diehards, Life On, Litter
M: Men Ne Maagiy, Met, Modsdive
N: Norwegian Wood, Nukie
O: Ondahl, onEr
P: Party Maker, Patients, Peoples, Poly
R: Rock’N’Roll Radio
S: Sasquatch, Space Papa, Swindlers
T: Tangadool, Tell & Listen, The Peace Market, The Reading Club, The Stray, Toll, Toyshop, Twomyung
W: WHOwho

Visit the main site for audition videos and brief information on all the bands that made it:
2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival Auditions : Acoustic Edition
2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival Auditions : Indie Rock & Indie Pop Edition
2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival Auditions : Rock Edition
2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival Auditions : Rap & Soul Edition
2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival Auditions : Punk & Hardcore Edition
2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival Auditions : Post-Rock & Shoegaze Edition
2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival Auditions : Electro Rock Edition

Vanilla Acoustic was also included in the top 40, but now appears to be outside of competition. Once the twenty bands have been selected they will all get to perform two songs each for the final public audition, to be held on September 16th. The five bands that will get to play at the festival will be announced at 6PM KST on September 17th.

The 2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival will take place on October 6th. The first line-up has already been made and includes 3rd Line Butterfly, 13 Steps, GoGo Star, Han Young Ae, Deulgukhwa, MukimukiManmansu, The Moonshiners, Yellow Monsters and Crash.

Via: Ssamzie Sound Festival; Poly

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