2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival Auditions : Rap & Soul Edition

After that big chunk of rock bands we’ll continue with something completely different as we move on to cover more of the bands auditioning to become one of the 2012 Ssamzie Sound Festival’s Hidden Masters. Only two bands this time, but they didn’t have much in common with any of the others so here we go!


Neo soul band Fellas formed in 2004 and released first album Sequela in 2011. The band auditioned for Top Band 2 where they made it all the way to the Top 16 before being eliminated during the Saturday Night Movies Mission. Fellas are planning to release their second album by the end of the year. Twitter.

From left to right, top to bottom, here are “Lucid Dream”, “후유증”, “Makit Cool” and “I’m Not There”:



Junk Class

Jung Jae Yoon started out as a member of Yellow Puffer, but has been acting as one man rap band Junk Class since 2010. So far he’s released three digital singles with another one set to follow this September after which he’s planning to release a digital EP.

From left to right, top to bottom, here are “Intro”, “Don’t Give a F.k”, “Gloria” and “Peeper”:


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